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  • Do I need to change the water temperature on my water heater?...
    NO, normal water heater temperatures will activate the valve with no problem.
  • Do I need to activate, adjust or turn on the ECO-HOT Valve? "
    No, the EHV has an Automatic Sensor that also actuates the valve, No need to adjust or activate! NO batteries or electric. Sooo Much Easier than saving cold water in a bucket for other uses! !
  • Where does the hot water come from?
    The hot water comes from your water heater. Your tank is filled using cold water from the Hot water pipe, when hot water reaches the ECO-HOT valve, the hot water is turned off and your tank continues to fill with cold water from your cold water pipes.
  • Does the ECO-HOT valve cost anything to operate?
    No, The ECO-HOT Valve (EHV) is designed to use your existing water supply systmes to get hot water to your shower fast and with no aditional energy input.
  • Why not use hot water pumping systems?
    Hot water pumping systems frequently require high installation cost and use costs such as electric installation/use, aditional cold water return pipes and replacement pumps. Pump systems that are low cost and easy to install, use existing cold water pipes to get water back to the water heater from the hot water pipes, this means you will have warm water in the cold water pipes and may be drinking water that has previously been in your water heater. (it's not good to use previously heated water for consumption) The water from your water heater contains more bacteria than the water normally found in cold water pipes and can also have disolved metals from corrosion of water heater components.


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